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No, it is actually a very intimate affair, there is only 3000 tickets in the whole theater. Once they are sold, you have to wait till next year.

Yes they are. Just show your lanyard and wristband, and you will get into each of the venues free of charge.

Pick whatever seats you like! First come, first serve, of course.  However, not to worry, all the seats in the Mansion Theater have great views of the stage. The farthest seat from the stage is only 125ft away.

We wanted this festival to be available to everyone, regardless of their income. There are so many options in Branson, hotels from $40 a night to several hundred. We also have nice campgrounds for people with RV’s. And the food is great in town and really affordable. We believe everyone will love the flexibility. BTW, check out the discounts we arranged for you on these items.

Yes, we wanted to add more entertainment to our festival, and the 80’s were more than just awesome music. Have fun and laugh, it’s just a bonus. It will probably be a tradition in the future.

We have tons of other events planned for the event, including meet and greets, celebrities, outdoor events, and VIP parties. You will not be bored, we promise. Please check the event calendar regularly as we will continue to add things and update it.

Branson is a beautiful town, filled with tons of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. It is also very easy to get to, many people could just drive here. We have lake sports, hunting, fishing, bowling, dancing, hiking, go-cart riding: you name it. You’re not restricted to staying in a resort or boat to have a good time. And most things to do are really reasonable.

We have picked the perfect weekend in Branson to do this event, it is right after the regular season and most of the tourist have gone home. The great thing is almost everything should be open, so you will get the full benefit of Branson and what it has to offer.

It can be, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The Mansion Theater is completely indoors, with plenty of air conditioning. Most of the attractions and parties are air conditioned too. So is the party tent. We wanted to do the concert during the summer, so everyone can also take advantage of the lake and other outdoor activities. You can’t go boating in the winter 🙂

Yes, they are, and they will be super fun. We have rented the whole convention center for the Friday night party, and got the best tribute band in the Midwest, Members Only, to entertain you. We will also have a costume party and give out great prizes. This is you night to dress up. The second party should be equally epic.

We are bringing in a bunch of 80’s movie, tv, and music celebrities to meet you, take pics, and sign autographs. This will be hosted at the Celebrity Car Museum in town, a truly cool place. This should be a great place for you to get a souvenir.

Everyone will start by checking in at our attraction, Retromania, to get your wristbands, lanyards, and “swag” that we are making for you. These will serve as your tickets for the rest of the event. Then go out, have fun, and report to the Mansion Theater for your awesome concerts.

Of course, the town is filled with places to have a drink and a snack. At the concert, we will have a huge party tent that will have several bars and food options for everyone. We will be offering a “Unlimited Drinks” package, which will get you “unlimited drinks” at Retromania, the party tent, and the VIP parties, subject to some restrictions. DRINK RESPONSIBLE, all local and state laws will apply. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!

The best way to do this is to sign up for our email newsletter, where we will highlight anything new. We also will do our best to update Facebook on the new additions.

Extremely unlikely. The mansion is completely indoors, so the weather should be no problem. Most events are also indoors, as well as the attractions. And in the event that an artist gets sick and cannot make it, we will do our best to replace them with someone equally awesome. As they say, the show must go on!

You’ll Rock out at Branson’s famous Mansion Theater!

All artists will perform at The Mansion,  a world-class state of the art theater featuring 2800 seats, soaring circular ceiling and magnificent regal staircase in the grand lobby.

  • Fully air conditioned

  • Limited to 2800 seats

  • All seats offer great views of the stage

  • Not effected by weather – the shows will go on rain or shine!

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