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RETROMANIA in Branson, MO. decides to hold a “cruise on land” music festival in 2024.

Retromania, a local 80’s attraction, has decided to hold a live 5 day music event on August 21st – 25th of 2024. The festival is being called a “cruise on land” because it combines the music event with other entertainment like a cruise ship would. They will be offering excursions; special experiences for their guests like boat rides, zip lining, special access in to theme parks, tour busses and other events. They have made many arrangements for concert goers to get into local attractions, to get discounts on food, and special deals with other shows, making it possible to have a complete vacation. Jim Kelly, the producer of the event, is an 80’s nut, and has dreamed of doing this for years. “I just wanted to bring my love of 80’s music to everyone in the Branson area”, said Kelly. “Going to some other like events are so expensive, when you wrap up some hotels, airfare, customs, the event, and excursions. I wanted this to be affordable for everyone, and they can drive here too”. The event is still finalizing everything it will have to offer but is expecting to announce the lineup soon and put tickets on sale.

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